Peels of fruits and vegetables will not be visible on the roads.

Gurgaon(Harpreet Singh) Naveen Goyal has already launched clean Gurugram movement with a aim to clean up streets, roads and infrastructure of Gurugram to keep neat and tidy .Under this programme thousands and thousands of dustbins will be distributed to the Rehriwalas standing road side small shopkeepers so that they can direct their customers to use these dustbins and not litter the roads and streets of millennium city.We offen seen in the absence of dustbins people through peels of fruits and vegetables on the road side and streets which creates problems to the pedestrian.
Till now Naveen Goyal ,District secretary and social reformer/activist has already distributed thousands and thousands of dustbins to the traders in entire Gurugram including Sadar Bazar and near by areas so that our millennium city remains neat and tidy. He is confident in achieving this aim with the participation of the residents of millennium city is big step of Naveen Goyal and he is getting laurels from different nook and corners of the city and his activity was appreciated none other than Manohar Lal Khattar, honerable CM Haryana during his JAN ASHIRWAD YATRA. Naveen Goyal may be new name in politics but not new to the residents of millennium city Gurugram and putting all his energy and efforts to eradicate this social evil.
Naveen Goyal has kicked off today his programme of clean Gurugram movement at 3.00 pm from Kamla Nehru park.Under this movement thousands of dustbins are being distributed among Rehriwalas standing road side.

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